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Cynthiara Alona

Cut Cynthiara Alona, or virgin birth July 7, 1985 is better known Cynthiara Alona. Alona started her career when she was 17 years old to become a model and star of a bank product advertising.

Cut Cynthiara Alona is a popular Model, Actress, MC and DJ operating from the country of Indonesia. Alona is a well educated lady having a Bachelor’s Degree from the National University of Singapore.

Cynthiara Alona has 168 centimetres high and light at just 47Kg or 7.4 stone in weight. She has a 34C breast cup size and has size 7 shoes. Cynthiara Alona is a glamorous lady with black hair and dark brown eyes.

Cynthiara Alona Profile (kapanlagi.com)

Cynthiara Alona Profile
Name : Cynthiara Alona
Full Name : Cut Cynthiara Alona
Gender : Female
Date of Birth : 07 July 1985
Weight : 47 kg
Height : 168 cm
Shoe Size : 7
Breast Cup Size : 34C
Occupation : Model, Actress of Soap Opera, Actress of Movie, Entrepreneur
Address : Perumahan Foresta, Kompleks Primavera Blok G9 No. 15 BSD City, Serpong, Tangerang Selatan

Boyfriend : Muhammad Azhri (Malaysian)

Education : Bachelor Degree, graduated National University of Singapore

Business Name : Alona Musiscenter Indonesia (AMI), officially 7 January 2011

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Cynthiara Alona Movie :

Cynthiara Alona Biography :
Cut Cynthiara Alona was born irth July 7, 1985. Alona started her career when she was 17 years old to become a model and star of a bank product advertising.

In 2005, an offer from Playboy magazine Japan and Singapore, her face began to be known more widely. Not only look sexy, in international magazines, Alona who also works as a DJ and presenter, able to appear naked.

Since the incidence of her naked photos, Alona who also had a magazine cover model Her World, Female Indonesia and Popular, promised to the family no longer appear Nudity.

From the magazine model, Alona has a Bachelor Degree from the National University of Singapore began to develop his career in acting. From the TV screen Alona penetrated the world of the big screen.

After undergoing umra in mid-2010, Alona decided to wear the veil and pursue the ‘new life’.

In her worship umra, Alona claimed that she have met with a prospective soul mate, a male Arab nationals.

Alona even said that he would refuse if she is offered a role that required her to appear open. Alona also deeply regretted by doing in the past, including her nude photos and topless.

If previous Cynthiara Alona could look sexy and wear hijab, in 2011, Alona back off. She said that she wanted to be herself for a career.

Alona revealed that she was a bit constrained by wearing a headscarf/ veil. But she also promised not to wear sexy clothes and refused to play in movies that require scene sexy and naughty.

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